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Biosis is a suffix stemming from the Greek term biōsis, meaning mode of life. We help our clients build their best mode of life through secure and profitable real estate developments.

Building your Best Life

Ask Yourself, Are You Struggling With...

Lack of Time

Your job or business demands too much of your time and you want more freedom to do the things that make you happy


You are experiencing frustratingly low returns, no accountability and lack of transparency around your investments


The stock market is too volatile, and bonds no longer offer the security they once did. Where do you go to find yield?


You are having difficulty finding the right investments that are in line with your goals and timelines


You don’t know who to trust or where to invest your hard earned wealth


What will you leave behind, for your family, your estate, and your impression on the world

We Can Help, Here’s How …

01 · Freedom of Time

We make investing in Real Estate Development PASSIVE.
We are responsible for the entire lifecycle of the investment process, from planning through construction to the management of the real estate asset.

02 · Trust & Safety

We have created a transparent and secure process for investing in our projects, with a proven approach to delivering great returns. Our commitment to an unparalleled experience means our investors can confidently re-invest with us time and time again.

03 · Expertise

Our expert team has decades of professional experience designing and building multi-million-dollar developments. Our expertise reduces the potential risks to a project and maximizes the investment returns.

04 · Positive Impact

We design and build projects that create positive, meaningful change by growing sustainable and thriving communities.

Our projects

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Meet the Team


Dacoda Scott Principal, Director of Design & Project Management

Michael Davidson Principal, Director of Investor Relations & Acquisitions

Graham Potter Principal, Director of Analysis & Purchasing

Our Guarantee

No investment comes without risk, but there are some commitments that we can offer without compromise

Complete honesty, transparency and prompt communication

These are our core values, and we don’t operate any other way. Our investors know exactly what we are doing with their investments, and we keep them informed of all of the successes and challenges as they occur along the way.

Relentless Performance

We will use every legal resource available to us and do all that we can to ensure that your money is managed responsibly and returned to you – with an additional return on your investment.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We commit to building holistic, long-lasting and positive change for our clients and communities through sustainable practices and creative win-win solutions. 

Let’s Build Together

Connect with us to find out how you can join our investor community and help build a brighter future.